Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Balancer - 150ml
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Brand The History of Whoo
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Revolving around the concept of providing self-care and self-regeneration beauty remedies for women, The History of Whoo re-interpreted the traditional beauty formulas used by empresses from the Eastern Royal Courts and through modern technologies, developed various skincare and makeup lines that are fit for a Queen. The History of Whoo places strong emphasis on the use of premium eastern medicinal herbal ingredients in patented and signature herbal complexes that enables skin cell self-regeneration for powerful and effective anti- aging benefits with highly valuable, natural herbal tonics for the skin encapsulated in the most luxurious of textures and scents.

Highly moisturizing emulsion which gently embraces the skin with beneficial nutrients and moisture factors.

Features :

  • Provideshydrating effectReinforces blood circulationInstant cooling effect Formulated with Biofilm which creates moisturizing barrier
Texture : Watery texture which smoothly spreads on the skin
Directions : After cleansing step, gently apply to the skin with cotton pad for toning purpose or with clean hands for intense moisturizing effect. Gently tap for better absorption.
Product size : 150ml