Bichup Royal Anti-Aging Duo Special Set
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Brand The History of Whoo
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Revolving around the concept of providing self-care and self-regeneration beauty remedies for women, The History of Whoo re-interpreted the traditional beauty formulas used by empresses from the Eastern Royal Courts and through modern technologies, developed various skincare and makeup lines that are fit for a Queen. The History of Whoo places strong emphasis on the use of premium eastern medicinal herbal ingredients in patented and signature herbal complexes that enables skin cell self-regeneration for powerful and effective anti- aging benefits with highly valuable, natural herbal tonics for the skin encapsulated in the most luxurious of textures and scents.

Special set comes with :

  • Bichup Ja Yoon cream 60mlBichup self-generating anti-aging essence 20mlCheongidan radiant rejuvenating balancer 20ml Cheongidan radiant rejuvenating emulsion 25mlCheongidan double radiant base pink 25mlCheongidan radiant essence foundation No21 SPF35/PA+++ 6mlGongjinhyang : Mi luxury 4 color lip palette 1set
About Bichup Ja Yoon cream
Concept :
  • A symbolic anti-aging cream of Whoo with excellent self-regenerating effect that promotes inner glow of the skin by enhancing the fundamental self-regenerating power of skin.
Features :
  • Cordycepin and collagen extracted from Deer Antler promotes glowing skin from deep within ChoJaHabiDan strengthens the fundamental power of skin by boosting the self-regenerating ability of the skin Effective component of cordyceps brings back youth and delivers healthy self-glowing effect to aged skin cells
About Bichup self-regenerating anti-aging essence
Concept :
  • Royal anti-aging essence that promotes self-regenerating ability to solve various skin concerns
Features :
  • Powerful self-regenerating ability from ChoJaHaBiDan and newly added Cordycepin Skin purifying effects from Lotus Flower to remove impurities of the skin Improves skin protection ability by reinforcing hydrating, elasticity and light reflecting ability