Gongjinhyang (拱辰享)

800 years of royal court secret formula that perfectly smoothen the face line.

Yeol: White Clay Mask

Wash-off type mask pack that instantly cools down skin with white clay that tightens enlarged pores and improves elasticity
Volume: 80ml
  • Instant cooling effects
  • Soothing and astringent effects
  • Tightens sagging pores
  • Increase elasticity
Additional Ingredients
  • 3-yellow eastern herbal medicines
    • Cools-down heat and replenishes energy
  • White Clay
    • Astringent effects that tightens enlarged pores caused by heat

White cream type mask that does not dry or tightens skin


Tone skin texture with a balancer after cleansing. Using the included pack brush, take an appropriate amount of mask and apply thickly over the face avoiding sensitive eye and lip area.

After 5-10 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water and gently finish with cold water (use 1-2 times a week)