Gongjinghyang:Seol (拱辰享: 雪)

Deep whitening for queen's radiant face
Sun BB 2

Whitening Sun BB

Whitening Pearl BB which moisturizes the inner skin and expresses silky texture on the surface of skin
Volume: 40ml

This is whitening BB cream, which creates colorful and moist skin by light closeness on the skin. Not only this will brighten and fix the skin tone by powdery feelings but also blocks harmful UV rays by excellent UV protection feature and make the skin to be like white pearl by calming the skin by Gamguk extract and pearl ingredient.

  • Moisturizing effects
  • Creates gorgeous skin complexion
  • Skin tone colour BB (unlike other BB which gives gray skin tone colour)
  • A shaking type BB
Additional Ingredients
  • Pearls
  • BaekChulYu