Gongjinghyang:Seol (拱辰享: 雪)

Deep whitening for queen's radiant face

Whitening Intensive

Intensive spot care product that removes roots of melasma with highly enriched Seol’s main ingredients
Volume: 20ml

New secret ingredients for whitening, seolgamsan and chilhyangpalbaeksan, are included in the highly concentrated whitening product that naturally covers skin flaws such as freckles and spots. The unique ointment-type cream is applied closely to the skin with a smooth an moisturizing feeling and reduces the appearance of flaws.

  • Powerful whitening effects (10% freckle improvement in 4 weeks and 66% in 8 weeks)
  • A highly enriched texture like an ointment
  • Covers skin flaws instantly and smoothly

After using Whitening Essence or Whitening Program, thinly apply to the areas with melasma and blemishes. Gently tap for better absorption by using the middle and ring finger.

Morning: After applying essence, thinly apply to the areas where blemishes such as melasma and freckles are noticeable.

Evening: Apply a thick layer as a mask pack during the night to maximize its efficacy.

Whitening Ingredients


Chrysanthemum Indicum

It is recognized ingredient for freckle improvement in Korea, which blocks the first signs of melanin synthesis to brighten skin dullness but also to remove hidden blemishes and melasma

It is a new concept of whitening agent with an international patent

Proliferation Inhibition of Pigment Cells

  • Possible to inhibit the proliferation only with Chrysanthemum Indicum
  • Euphorbia Lathyris and Arbutin are impossible

Inhibition of melanin synthesis

  • Euphorbia Lathyris Extract: 5 times Arbutin: 300 times

Skin whitening evalution*


*Control group: A “general” whitening cosmetic
*Experimental group: A Whitening cosmetic with “Chrysanthemum Indicum” ingredients


A medicinal prescription from the royal family, recreating Yang GuiFei’s secret beauty treatment for her porcelain-like skin. As medicinal herbs with sweetness are mixed, it provides nutrients to the flesh and the outer layer of skin to keep the skin tone bright and glowing. Chech that It also facilitates the secretion of darkening pigments to quicken whitening effects.



An oriental herbal medicine prescription for skin whitening from the royal family

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