Gongjinhyang:Soo (拱辰享: 水)

Moisturizing secret prescription for skin that goes longer without drying up.

Super Hydrating Cream

Highly-concentrated nutritious cream with GyeongOkBiDan ingredients that retain moisture and resilience in skin
Volume: 50ml

This cream can be applied if user wants to maintain moisture for a long time due to skin dryness.

  • Milky type cream
  • Highly-concentrated ingredient of GyeongOkBiDan
  • Brings out a resilient skin by quenching thirst deep within the skin
  • Resolves skin tightness
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effects

The emulsified form of a highly nutritiousUntitled 4 feeling, fully moisturizes and finishes off with a smooth texture


After using essence or lotion, take an appropriate amount and apply all over the face. Roll in an upward motion as massaging, and finish absorbing by gently embracing the whole face.

The Royal Court Secret for Moisturing

The 4 Best Secret Formula that controls moisture and the veins of moisture in skin