Whoo Spa (后 SPA)

Mineral-rich spring water with various healing properties

Spa Oil Shower

Premium body cleanser with hightly concentrated eastern herbal medicinal spa oil that makes skin clean and smooth
Volume: 220ml
The Whoo’s premium body cleanser is made of a unique formulation with herbal SPA ingredient oil. This body wash will not only remove the external waste from the skin but will also protect the skin from burnouts of frequent showers and dryness.
  •  A body cleanser with eastern herbal medicinal oil that has moisturizing effects
  • Fine, abundant bubbles that gently removes impurities on body
  • Provides instant gloss and smoothness after shower
  • Ayurvedic fragrance helps to relax body and mind
  • Transparent, liquid oil type cleanser

Take an appropriate amount on a shower glove or a shower ball, and create bubbles. Gently cleanse the whole body and wash off with running water.


Recommended to use a shower ball to create rich bubbles.