Whoo Spa (后 SPA)

Mineral-rich spring water with various healing properties

Spa Moisturizer

Premium body moisturizer with highly concentrated eastern herbal medicines that make silky soft skin without stickiness
Volume: 220ml
The Whoo’s premium body moisturizer effectively and actively delivers the herbal spa ingredient to the skin.
  • A body lotion with easter herbal medicines that relaxes the body and slow down aging
  • Quickly absorbed into skin
  • Provides instant gloss and smoothness
  • Ayurvedic fragrance helps to relax body and mind
  • Lotion type moisturizer with visible oriental herbal particles
  • When applied, herbal particles melted into skin

After shower, dry body with a towel. Take an appropriate amount on palm, and softly apply it to the body from bottom to top in sweeping motions.