Gongjinhyang:Soo (拱辰享: 水)

Moisturizing secret prescription for skin that goes longer without drying up.

Soo Camellia Moisturizing Oil

Oriental moisturizing oil with natural Camellia Oil and GyeongOkBiDan that creates healthy glow on skin to create perfect complexion
Volume: 50ml
  • 100% Korean Camellia Oil
  • Extracted from seeds only
  • 3 cycles of filtration to extract pure Camellia Oil
  • Compression-distillation process are added (stabilized oil)
  • Distillation under 400º in vacuum
Additional Ingredients

Camellia Oil

  • Quickly absorbed into skin
  • Provides strong moisturizing effects without stickiness
  • Light oily texture

After the balance, take 3-4 drops and apply on skin. Can also be used with essence and cream by blending them together for deep moisturization.

The Royal Court Secret for Moisturing

The 4 Best Secret Formula that controls moisture and the veins of moisture in skin




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