Gongjinghyang:Seol (拱辰享: 雪)

Deep whitening for queen's radiant face

Radiant White Ultimate Correction Stick

A stick version of Radiant White Intensive Corrector that features a stunning flaw and blemish care effects
Volume: 7g
  • Powerful whitening effects (10% freckle improvement in 4 weeks and 66% in 8 weeks)
  • A highly enriched texture like an ointment
  • Covers skin flaws instantly and smoothly
  • Bombycis Corpus is added
  • Precious medicinal ingredient made by fermenting Silkworms with Beauveria Bassiana (a kind of fungus) causing the surface to be covered by white powder
  • Removes freckles and flaws and brightens up the skin complexion
  • Containing highly enriched Pearl Wild Ginseng™ + SeolGamSan, the beauty secret of Yang Kuei Fei

After using Whitening Essence or Whitening Program, thinly apply to the areas with melasma and blemishes. Gently tap for better absorption by using middle and ring finger.

Morning: After applying essence, thinly apply to the areas where blemishes such as melasma and freckles are noticeable.

Evening: Apply a thick layer as a mask pack during the night to maximize its efficacy.