Gongjinghyang:Seol (拱辰享: 雪)

Deep whitening for queen's radiant face

Radiant White Eye Serum

Whitening Eye Serum that moisturizes the skin without leaving stickiness
Volume: 25ml
  • Improved whitening effects with twice the Pearl Wild Ginseng TM
  • Bo-ryun-dan and Seol-lyun-dan for the eyes
  • Great texture Opaque gel  (new)
  • Eye serum is light but provides long-lasting hydration
  • Seol-lyun-dan restores brightness around the eyes and alleviates the look of dark circles
  • Bo-ryun-dan helps the skin around the eyes to stay vibrant and free from fatigue
  • Gel texture is more moisturizing and mild on the skin than rich cream types, making it easier to use in hot summer months as it soothes and hydrates
Additional Ingredients

x2 Pearl & GingerTM (in comparison with essence), Bo-ryun-dan, Seol-lyun-dan, Seol-gam-san, Chil-hyang-pal-baek-san


The gel has a cooling effects immediately upon application and keeps the eye areas remaining moist, smooth, and bright


Pump out Eye Serum one or two times and apply gently on the eye areas after using lotion.

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