Cheongidan (天氣丹)

Masterpiece of the secret of nature achieved through providence.

Radiant Essence Cushion

Cushion containing main ingredients of Hwahyun Essence completes three-dimensional facial structure with gorgeous radiance by just one touch
Volume: 15g x 2 & Brush
  • Contains main ingredients of Hwahyun Essence
  • More hygienic with advantages of the existing cushion
  • Holds glow of skin without melting with excellent makeup persistency while keeping moisturizing ingredients inside skin.
  • Induces delicate glow of skin with the brush to apply, enabling luminant makeup without pilling.

Outstanding coverage and gentle glow upon application on skin.


At sun cream stage or the next stage, lightly pat with the puff.

For delicate expression, use the brush to apply.

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