Gongjinhyang:Mi (拱辰享: 美)

Royal court secret makeup formula to have a queen's beauty.

Powder Compact

Extremely soft and silky texture powder pact that generates fine and subtle pearls and radiant and glamorous skin
Volume: 14g

Hu Gongjinhyang: Mi Make Up Pact contains the jewelry ingredients and gets coated softly on the face with finer grains or particles. In addition, the final touch of your make up with the bright, beautiful pearl grains will make you look gorgeous.

  • Creates bright and transparent skin tone with fine and delicate pearls
  • Extremely soft and silky texture without causing dryness and irritation
  • Comes in 2 colors
Additional Ingredients

Ultra slim film technology: A technology to make very fine powder to create extremely fine texture and luminous skin.Untitled 2

What is HongOkBaekSan? (HongOkGo + White Clay)

  • Application of 2 different royal court secrets
  • HongOkGo that firms and hydrates the skin, and White Clay that brightens and smoothens the skin


  • Eastern herbal prescription made from ingredients for lustrous and flawless skin
  • The beauty secret for the royals to remove the traces of time on their face

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White Clay

white clay gongjinhyangmi

  • An ingredient that has long been used in royal court for noble ladies in Europe and China
  • An important and valuable ingredient with fine powder that gives long-lasting staying power by quickly absorbing sweat and sebum
  • Rich in minerals that helps to make skin feel comfortable and light even after finishing makeup

SaengGiOHwaJin (5 Flowers Extract)

Ingredients extracted from 5 special flowers to improve skin complexion and revitalize skin

SaengGiOHwaJin (5 Flowers Extract)


Royal Treasures

4 different valuable treasures used in royal court that have skin protection functions in various ways in addition to making bright and glossy skin

Royal Treasures