Gongjinhyang:Soo (拱辰享: 水)

Moisturizing secret prescription for skin that goes longer without drying up.

Hydrating Overnight Mask

A traditional herb hydrating overnight mask that turns tired, dry skin into a revitalized & moist, well-rested skin
Volume: 100ml
  • Camellia extract lowers heat while hydrating and soothing the skin
  • Slightly acidic formula with pH similar to human skin deliver comfort even when thickly applied
  • Various traditional ingredients in Soo Yeon line including Kyongokbidan circulates moisture inside skin to deliver long-lasting hydration effect
  • Hydration, vitality, and soothing effects
  • Comfortable sleeping mask with low acidic pH
  • Convenient-to-use tube type + brush
Additional Ingredients

Camellia flower extract, Chungkiiksudan, Gyungokbidan


Soft, melting translucent gel texture that delivers cooling effect and moisture


At the last stage of skincare, take an appropriate amount of formula and apply. Gently spread the formula over the skin starting from the center of the face toward outside.

Leave the formula to be absorbed onto the skin and go to bed. (Use 2~3 times a week)

You may apply more than the recommended amount if you feel your skin is extra dry.

※ When applying the formula use the brush included inside to spread the formula more evenly and conveniently. After usage, gently wash it with water and dry it.