Gongjinhyang:Mi (拱辰享: 美)

Royal court secret makeup formula to have a queen's beauty.

Mi Essential Base Green

Volume: 40ml

Tone-up effects
Evens out uneven skin tone with red blemishes

Long-lasting effects
Helps with the absorption, adhesion of next stage makeup items

Silky smooth texture
Covers up enlarged pores and rough skin texture

  • Green color evens out dark and dull skin tone and covers redness to make optimal skin condition
  • Helps to keep the makeup on for a long time by improving adhesion of makeup items
  • Smoothens rough skin texture and covers enlarged pores
  • Delicate pearl powders (Gold, white, green) provides elegant glow
  • Hydrating texture that does not leave heaviness after layering together with other products
Additional Ingredients

Hong-Ok-Back-San, Saeng-Gi-O-Hwa-Jin, Royal Jewels


Makeup base with lightweight, hydrating texture that lightly and smoothly covers pores and rough skin texture


After finishing skincare, use as the first stage of makeup item