Gongjinhyang:Mi (拱辰享: 美)

Royal court secret makeup formula to have a queen's beauty.

Luxury Foundation

Nourishing foundation with creamy texture that contains ingredients for “Qi & Jin cream”
Volume: 35ml

Luxury Herbal Foundation contains the ingredients such as Gongjin Bidan, Wild Ginseng, and Cordyceps, and keeps your skin resilient and shiny.

  • Contains Qi & Jin Cream Ingredients (GongJinBiDan, Polydonati Rhizoma, Wild Ginseng, and Cordyceps Militaris) for velvet-smooth texture
  • Perfect adherence with soft and creamy texture without stickiness
  • 2-in-1 (anti-wrinkle, UV protection)
  • Natural makeup: Luxury Base/Sun Base → Essential Base → Luxury Foundation → Powder
  • Cover makeup: Luxury Base/Sun base → Essential Base → Luxury Foundation → Makeup Pact

What is HongOkBaekSan? (HongOkGo + White Clay)

  • Application of 2 different royal court secrets
  • HongOkGo that firms and hydrates the skin, and White Clay that brightens and smoothens the skin


  • Eastern herbal prescription made from ingredients for lustrous and flawless skin
  • The beauty secret for the royals to remove the traces of time on their face

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White Clay

white clay gongjinhyangmi

  • An ingredient that has long been used in royal court for noble ladies in Europe and China
  • An important and valuable ingredient with fine powder that gives long-lasting staying power by quickly absorbing sweat and sebum
  • Rich in minerals that helps to make skin feel comfortable and light even after finishing makeup

SaengGiOHwaJin (5 Flowers Extract)

Ingredients extracted from 5 special flowers to improve skin complexion and revitalize skin

SaengGiOHwaJin (5 Flowers Extract)


Royal Treasures

4 different valuable treasures used in royal court that have skin protection functions in various ways in addition to making bright and glossy skin

Royal Treasures