Gongjinhyang:Mi (拱辰享: 美)

Royal court secret makeup formula to have a queen's beauty.

Lip Rouge

Highly pigmented, highly moisturizing lip rouge with soft-melting formula that creates glossy, charming empress’ lips with just single touch
Volume: 4ml
  • Glossy & vivid color formation
  • Anti-Wrinkle function
  • Royal Court Formula for rich nourishment
  • Highly pigmented, vivid color formation to give intense boosts make-up effect
  • Anti-wrinkle effect delicately protects lips, the wrinkliest part of the face
  • Infused with GongJinBiDan that nourishes lips, Chunghwasungidan that brightens lip tone, floral perfume that fills lips with liveliness, and ‘camellia oil’, an excellent moisturizing royal court oil delivers healthy gloss
Additional Ingredients

Asiaticoside (Anti-wrinkle), GongJinBiDan, ChungHwaSunGiDan., HwaRoSoo, Camellia Oil


Light, creamy texture product that easily glides on the lips

  • Apply directly or using included lip brush to softly spread on the lips for even application
  • Direct application is better for hydrating texture that instantly melts into lips