Gongjinhyang:Soo (拱辰享: 水)

Moisturizing secret prescription for skin that goes longer without drying up.

Hydrating Balancer

Refreshing hydrating balancer with water-full, moisturizing effects of GyeongOkBiDan
Volume: 150ml
  • Provides hydration
  • Reinforces blood circulation
  • Releases heat out of skin
  • Fresh floral fragrance
  • Biofilm creates moisturizing barrier and blocks the evaporation of moisturizing factors
  • Highly affinity to skinUntitled

Water type balancer that smoothly spreads on skin


After cleansing, take an appropriate amount on both palms and gently apply all over the skin. Gently pat for effective absorption.

The Royal Court Secret for Moisturing

The 4 Best Secret Formula that controls moisture and the veins of moisture in skin