Whoo Spa (后 SPA)

Mineral-rich spring water with various healing properties

Spa Hair Root Essence

Scalp herbal tonic that strengthens hair follicles and helps thicken hair
Volume: 350ml
  • Formulated with Empress Cixi’s hair secret
  • KFDA approved quasi drug that prevents hair loss and helps maintain thick hair
  • Convenient package enables to apply the content directly on scalp with a long tube
  • Easy to massage
  • Non-greasy texture
  • First notes with Sophora Root, Old Pine Tree. Delicate end notes of Spa Line
Additional Ingredients

Sophora Root Extract & Old Pine Tree Extract: Prevents inactive men’s hormone from turning into active men’s hormone which causes hair loss, and promotes hair growth.


Gel type content that does not flow down


Apply to scalp and gently massage with fingertips once a day. No need to rinse, just leave on for absorption. Effective when used everyday in the areas where hair loss or thinning is in progress.