Gongjinhyang (拱辰享)

800 years of royal court secret formula that perfectly smoothen the face line.

Essential Mask

Functional mask sheet with melting patches to take care of the wrinkles around the eyes and the bamboo sheet tightly adheres to the face providing more visible facial line defining effects
Volume: Face & Neck (8 pieces each)

[Essential Mask Patch]
A special product for tightening eye contour area suffering from sagging and aging. Essential Mask Patch provides special care for easily aged and damaged skin around eyes & mouth. Essential Mask Patch resolves naturally into skin when covered by Essential Mask Sheet.

  • Sheet: 100% natural inner skin of Bamboo Tree
  • Melting patches: Natural Polysaccharide, Protein, Hyaluronic Acid, Agarwood Extract (patches melt into skin thoroughly when the patches are applied after using enough skin balancer on the area)
Additional Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid


Sheet: Refreshing and cooling sensation of Bamboo Tree


UntitledAfter cleansing, attach melting patches on areas such as around the eyes and lips where wrinkles are more pronounced. Place the mask sheet tightly onto skin. Lift the flaps on both sides and attach the ends on the top while pulling up the facial line with the flaps. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then remove the sheet and tap on any excessive essence so it can be thoroughly absorbed into skin.

Melting patches: Use them in the eye and lip area. For them to melt into skin completely, sufficient amount of balancer has to be applied beforehand. Remove parts of patches which did not melt completely.

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