Cheongidan (天氣丹)

Masterpiece of the secret of nature achieved through providence.

Double Radiant Base

Premium base creating a luxurious shine on skin with cream gold texture
Volume: 40ml
  • Gives brightening and glowing effects by adjusting skin complexion with elaborately designed ‘Multi-layered Pearl’ and High Refractive Oil Formula
  • Gives Hwahyun tone-up effects with meticulous and luxurious pearl powder that maximizes scattering of lights
  • Natural and elegant color that can be used on all skin tone

Emulsion type containing 58% of moisturizing ingredients that make smooth skin texture without greasy finish


For the full radiating look, apply the base on the entire face at makeup base stage.

For the gently glowing look, mix the base with the foundation and apply on the entire face.