Jinyulhyang (津率享)

Immortal skin care secret of jinaek that controls dryness

Contouring Massage Mask

Facial line remodeling massage mask with the secret formula of the Imperial Household that gives elasticity to skin
Volume: 100ml

This traditional Oriental massage mask makes Jinyulhyang’s concentrate sappy essence to be absorbed around the spots of skin’s pathways in the face along which vital energy flows by an Oriental Massage tool made of rosewood. The more you use the 5000-year-old Oriental Massage therapy, the more elastic your skin will be, and the more vividly and beautifully your face will shine.

  • Reshaping effects (stimulates meridian pathways and meridian muscles)
  • Gel massage with moisture and nutrients without oil
  • Absorbs nutrients through massage
  • Can be used as a sleeping pack
  • Provides nutrients ans enhances the skin, relaxes the muscles, excretes waste, and reshapes the facial line
  • Includes a massage tool

After the balancer, massage as shown in the picture with a massage tool included, and tissue off.Untitled