Whoo Spa (后 SPA)

Mineral-rich spring water with various healing properties

Spa Body Essence Oil

Highly moisturizing permium body oil with royal court secret for bathing to create a healthy and smooth body
Volume: 350ml
  • 5-in-1 multi oil (Moisture, Nutrition, Aroma Therapy, Soothing, Elasticity)
  • Non-sticky texture and leaves no excess oil on skin

After a shower, rub both palms together while your body is still wet to warm the palms. Dispense an appropriate amount of the body oil and gently massage the body in a sweeping motion from bottom to upwards

  • When using together with Moisturizer, apply it after Moisturizer or blend both products together.
  • Pump 1 or 2 drops, rather than taking a large amount at once, and spread evenly over your body.